Saturday, August 9, 2014

Does Great Speaking Ability Equate to Good Leadership & Representation of the People?

Americans may not be finding the best people to represent them in government due to the fact they are judged by how they appear in mass media. There is a reason why our representatives are as different as night and day when considering what they were like before the time of television and they are today. What is more important, ones oratory ability or their actions? Let us consider both poor speakers and some of the best orators which have had so much influence over America and the whole world.

George Washington – Well known not to be a great speaker or writer, he was able to persuade and express his views through more informal letters, messages and speeches to small influential groups. Was the 1st President of the United States, serving two terms and refusing to serve a third. Was the first Commander-In-Chief, winning American independence and guided the creation of our infant government.

Thomas Jefferson – Terrified of public speaking and yet manages to co-author the Declaration of Independence, greatly influences the direction of the Constitution of the United States, oversees the Louisiana purchase, establishes the first public university and becomes the 3rd President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln – Lost eight elections while consistently working on his speaking abilities over 25 years (he was never a poor speaker) and overcame one disadvantage of not being the most visually appealing politician. Imagine him campaigning today with television as his venue. Was the 16th President, preserved this Union and abolished slavery.

Harry S. Truman – Wasn't considered an individual of stature, charisma or speaking ability and may never had become President without the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt (all politicians after WWII had to consider technological mass media as their greatest friend or foe).  Sworn in as the 33rd President and whose leadership was positively felt in WWII, the Korean War and the Berlin airlift.

Barrack Obama – Great orator with a physical presence to match for television – we are living through his achievements now…

Adolf Hitler – Perhaps the greatest orator of all time. His regime wrote the book on political propaganda and using mass media as its tool. Look what that got us. No need to list his achievements either.

It’s your choice but, it might be a good idea to, again, place people in office for what they can and will do and not how they look or sound. Then again, it’s just a suggestion.

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