Monday, August 11, 2014

Lehigh Acres: A Forgotten Land.... A Letter From Matt Miller

Lehigh Acres, as of the 2010 census had over 86,000 residence. That was an increase of over 50% since the 2000 census. This is a substantial number of people in the county. So why is it that it appears to be the forgotten land when it comes to representation in government? Three factors play a major role; voter district mapping, at large voting and incorporation.
Lehigh Acres is located in State Senate District 23, a Senate District which represents not just Lehigh Acres, but Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island.  Compare Lehigh Acres to those cities.  They are different in several ways, it would be impossible to list them all.  Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island, they are all very similar, and very closely located to each other.  So they are obviously represented by their Senator.

At-Large voting is practiced in Lee County for County Commissioner seats. This means that regardless of the district a candidate is running for, all voters of Lee County vote for your districts representative. In 2012, the voters of District 5 (Lehigh Acres, Alva, Buckingham and North Fort Myers) for County Commissioner overwhelmingly voted for me over the incumbent. However, I am not your County Commissioner. Why? The further away from District 5 the voters resided, the fewer the votes I received. How did this provide the people of this area with unbiased representation? It didn't. The people of Cape Coral, Sanibel, Captiva, Estero, etc. got an additional representative to affect their interests.  Once again, Lehigh Acres goes unnoticed, with a County Commissioner whose job is supposed to be to represent them, but instead ignores them.

Back in 1996, a referendum made it on the ballot to incorporate Lehigh Acres. It failed. Incorporation would have provided local representation for Lehigh Acres in the form of a Mayor and Council. Since this is not the case, your remaining elected officials (State Senator, State Representative and County Commissioner) become exponentially more important to this districts interest. I am, again, wishing to represent the interests of the people in this district, and now, as their State Representative. This time, the People of this District will not have their choice diluted by interests outside of their District. Your vote counts.

Paid For By Matt Miller, Republican, For State Representative, District 79.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Does Great Speaking Ability Equate to Good Leadership & Representation of the People?

Americans may not be finding the best people to represent them in government due to the fact they are judged by how they appear in mass media. There is a reason why our representatives are as different as night and day when considering what they were like before the time of television and they are today. What is more important, ones oratory ability or their actions? Let us consider both poor speakers and some of the best orators which have had so much influence over America and the whole world.

George Washington – Well known not to be a great speaker or writer, he was able to persuade and express his views through more informal letters, messages and speeches to small influential groups. Was the 1st President of the United States, serving two terms and refusing to serve a third. Was the first Commander-In-Chief, winning American independence and guided the creation of our infant government.

Thomas Jefferson – Terrified of public speaking and yet manages to co-author the Declaration of Independence, greatly influences the direction of the Constitution of the United States, oversees the Louisiana purchase, establishes the first public university and becomes the 3rd President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln – Lost eight elections while consistently working on his speaking abilities over 25 years (he was never a poor speaker) and overcame one disadvantage of not being the most visually appealing politician. Imagine him campaigning today with television as his venue. Was the 16th President, preserved this Union and abolished slavery.

Harry S. Truman – Wasn't considered an individual of stature, charisma or speaking ability and may never had become President without the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt (all politicians after WWII had to consider technological mass media as their greatest friend or foe).  Sworn in as the 33rd President and whose leadership was positively felt in WWII, the Korean War and the Berlin airlift.

Barrack Obama – Great orator with a physical presence to match for television – we are living through his achievements now…

Adolf Hitler – Perhaps the greatest orator of all time. His regime wrote the book on political propaganda and using mass media as its tool. Look what that got us. No need to list his achievements either.

It’s your choice but, it might be a good idea to, again, place people in office for what they can and will do and not how they look or sound. Then again, it’s just a suggestion.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SURPRISE! Politicians and Their Insiders Don’t Want Term Limits

A Letter from Matt Miller

After discussing term limits recently, I was dismayed with the apparent lack of priority this issue is garnering. Of course, it is no surprise to me that elected officials wish to remain in office indefinitely and those that are closest to them. This, by itself, illustrates the separation between the needs of the People and the desires of our elected officials.

What experience are these elected officials actually bringing to office? I could give many examples of politicians that have spent most of their lives in office with little or no practical experience either as employees in diverse fields or creating and operating businesses that propel this nation. As a business owner, would you hire an individual for a skilled or professional position with no experience? If you wish to stay competitive and survive, I think not. Unfortunately we no longer hold our elected officials to such standards. With shorter terms, there would be more turnover in government and only the very best would remain by having no choice but to seek higher office and more often.

Private industry runs America and bureaucracy runs it to the ground. CEO’s are consistently being headhunted. Why? Private industry has it right. There are many instances where a billion dollar corporation was turned around by installing new leadership and did so in short order. New energy, new ideas and knowledge are suppressed by our current system. Incumbents always have the advantage. Why, do you ask? Money. The longer an official is in office the more opportunity they have to consolidate power. This is normally reflected by campaign contributions from corporations used for reelection. How does this serve to place in office the best person for the job? In short, it doesn't.

I have always believed that many of the traditions and time honored 

Monday, August 4, 2014

There Outta Be a Law! Really?

A Letter from Matt Miller

When is less actually more? Just about anything to do with government is a good place to start. It may be startling to some to know what the numbers are for new laws and regulations created every day that affect all of our lives. Ever heard anyone say, “There outta be a law!”? Be assured there is, whether you know it or not, in some form.

Here are some of the numbers: Federal Level, 5000+ bills introduced every year with approximately 500 passed. State Level, 2000+ bills introduced every year with approximately 300 passed. Without even considering the County Level, we are already at two new laws created on average for each and every calendar day that affect all of us directly or indirectly. In addition, over 50 new regulations per day are created throughout the myriad of committees and agencies every day. Does all of this sound incredible? It should, being that this was to be a limited government.

For those that read or listen to our biased media, the fact that the U.S. Congress has passed less than 300 new bills so far this year makes it the least “productive” congress in recent history. Is this really the perception of the people? Sadly, it may be. It is obvious that this activity serves the purpose of growing government and its control over every aspect of our lives, as well as, giving the appearance that our representatives are working for us. However, do we “The People” need or even want this?

Let’s think about the need for so many new laws and regulations. I agree, when new technologies change the way we do things that there may be a need for some regulation, but have our lives really changed all that much? Let us consider just the last one hundred years. Cars have four wheels and burn fossil fuels to drive on roads. Our homes have a roof, walls and flooring. Our yards have grass and landscaping. Our utilities are water, electricity (yes, this has been over a hundred years) and trash pickup. We primarily eat the same grown fruits and vegetables and raised animals. Even aviation still works on the same basic principles.  The biggest change has been the creation of the internet. So, why the need for so many changes in the way we “self” govern?

Running for State Representative I have talked about States’ Rights, Private Property Rights, Second Amendment Rights and the need to maintain control over educating our children locally i.e. Stop Common Core Globalized Standards. Many of our legislators discuss these issues and accomplish worse than nothing. They create new laws that are supposedly intended to fix the problems while only adding to them. Should we create new laws to provide these protections? NO!  The Constitution of the United States spelled this out. We have inalienable rights from birth that are NOT to be infringed. Rights are not given to us by government, only taken away. The reason we must discuss these issues is due to the fact that somewhere along the way a law was created that began the long road of infringements that placed us all in this sinking boat. All that would have to occur would be to begin repealing bad laws without creating new ones. After all, all of these things were once ours and should be again. It’s time to save our future by restoring our past.

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Matt Miller, Candidate for State Representative District 79

Monday, June 9, 2014

Save our Future by Restoring Our Past

Matt Miller for Florida State Representative District 79 - 2014
This Nation was made Great By and Through Noble Traditions. One of the most fundamental traditions is for self-made persons to selflessly serve the public, to give back to the community and nation that served as their personal canvas in developing themselves into leaders. These founding fathers, with their lifetimes of experience and skill, would leave their successful private lives to serve as Statesmen for a short term with little pay. They would, after their term, return to their private lives, leaving public life with Only the sole satisfaction of knowing they did their duty as Citizens of this Great Nation they helped to create and protect. Matt Miller is one of these men. Career politicians, by definition, have lost these noble qualities. It’s time to “Save our Future by Restoring Our Past”.