Monday, August 4, 2014

There Outta Be a Law! Really?

A Letter from Matt Miller

When is less actually more? Just about anything to do with government is a good place to start. It may be startling to some to know what the numbers are for new laws and regulations created every day that affect all of our lives. Ever heard anyone say, “There outta be a law!”? Be assured there is, whether you know it or not, in some form.

Here are some of the numbers: Federal Level, 5000+ bills introduced every year with approximately 500 passed. State Level, 2000+ bills introduced every year with approximately 300 passed. Without even considering the County Level, we are already at two new laws created on average for each and every calendar day that affect all of us directly or indirectly. In addition, over 50 new regulations per day are created throughout the myriad of committees and agencies every day. Does all of this sound incredible? It should, being that this was to be a limited government.

For those that read or listen to our biased media, the fact that the U.S. Congress has passed less than 300 new bills so far this year makes it the least “productive” congress in recent history. Is this really the perception of the people? Sadly, it may be. It is obvious that this activity serves the purpose of growing government and its control over every aspect of our lives, as well as, giving the appearance that our representatives are working for us. However, do we “The People” need or even want this?

Let’s think about the need for so many new laws and regulations. I agree, when new technologies change the way we do things that there may be a need for some regulation, but have our lives really changed all that much? Let us consider just the last one hundred years. Cars have four wheels and burn fossil fuels to drive on roads. Our homes have a roof, walls and flooring. Our yards have grass and landscaping. Our utilities are water, electricity (yes, this has been over a hundred years) and trash pickup. We primarily eat the same grown fruits and vegetables and raised animals. Even aviation still works on the same basic principles.  The biggest change has been the creation of the internet. So, why the need for so many changes in the way we “self” govern?

Running for State Representative I have talked about States’ Rights, Private Property Rights, Second Amendment Rights and the need to maintain control over educating our children locally i.e. Stop Common Core Globalized Standards. Many of our legislators discuss these issues and accomplish worse than nothing. They create new laws that are supposedly intended to fix the problems while only adding to them. Should we create new laws to provide these protections? NO!  The Constitution of the United States spelled this out. We have inalienable rights from birth that are NOT to be infringed. Rights are not given to us by government, only taken away. The reason we must discuss these issues is due to the fact that somewhere along the way a law was created that began the long road of infringements that placed us all in this sinking boat. All that would have to occur would be to begin repealing bad laws without creating new ones. After all, all of these things were once ours and should be again. It’s time to save our future by restoring our past.

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Matt Miller, Candidate for State Representative District 79

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