Thursday, August 7, 2014

SURPRISE! Politicians and Their Insiders Don’t Want Term Limits

A Letter from Matt Miller

After discussing term limits recently, I was dismayed with the apparent lack of priority this issue is garnering. Of course, it is no surprise to me that elected officials wish to remain in office indefinitely and those that are closest to them. This, by itself, illustrates the separation between the needs of the People and the desires of our elected officials.

What experience are these elected officials actually bringing to office? I could give many examples of politicians that have spent most of their lives in office with little or no practical experience either as employees in diverse fields or creating and operating businesses that propel this nation. As a business owner, would you hire an individual for a skilled or professional position with no experience? If you wish to stay competitive and survive, I think not. Unfortunately we no longer hold our elected officials to such standards. With shorter terms, there would be more turnover in government and only the very best would remain by having no choice but to seek higher office and more often.

Private industry runs America and bureaucracy runs it to the ground. CEO’s are consistently being headhunted. Why? Private industry has it right. There are many instances where a billion dollar corporation was turned around by installing new leadership and did so in short order. New energy, new ideas and knowledge are suppressed by our current system. Incumbents always have the advantage. Why, do you ask? Money. The longer an official is in office the more opportunity they have to consolidate power. This is normally reflected by campaign contributions from corporations used for reelection. How does this serve to place in office the best person for the job? In short, it doesn't.

I have always believed that many of the traditions and time honored 

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